Friday, September 26, 2008

Hide-and-WHAT Seek

I really can't believe I am sharing this. But, I thought it might make an interesting blog. Or at least entertaining. Tonight, I was reading a survey someone had done and it had a question about hide-and-go-seek. My first reaction was, oh they spelled that wrong. Then, I thought for a minute, what? Well, hide-and-go-seek does make sense. So...I had to ask the all knowing man of the house exactly what was the name of this game we have all played so many times. After him telling me and me asking him to s-l-o-w-l-y enunciate the words, I realized, for the first time in 28 years the real name of this game. My EnTiRe life I have thought the name of the game was Hide-and-Ghost-Seek. I know, it is doesn't even make sense. But, in my own little world, it did for so many years. And now, the game, as I know it will never be the same. The sad thing is I never even questioned the name b/c I never had a reason to. That was just in my mind, what I thought it was whether it made sense or not. So, tonight, I have been enlightened and have realized what an idiot I am...sometimes I wonder how I made it this far! Now, do you want me to teach your kid?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I want to be just like you...

I wish I had pictures of Peyton and Wilson tonight at Momma's house. Peyton is all into writing since school started and he writes all the time. Well...Wilson wants to be just like Peyton. He watches and copies everything he does which isn't always very flattering to Peyton :) Tonight,when Peyton got his pencil and paper out to write, Wilson dug around until he found him one as well. Then, he watched to see how to hold his pencil so he could be just like his big brother. It was absolutely precious!
It is amazing that already, at 18 months, he wants to be just like his "bubba!" The song, "I want to be just like you..." keeps playing in my mind when I think about tonight and how much Wilson looks up to Peyton. Just as much as they don't won't to admit it, children look up to their parents a lot too! That is why I have to remind myself every day of that song, so when they try to be just like us, we are making sure we are trying to be just like Him. After all, I can't think of a better role model!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It took a while...

I said I was going to do better about blogging and in my mind I had good intentions to. However, once again, I am playing catch up... So, I am just going to cover one MAJOR event tonight and I will catch up some more tomorrow.
So on with this big event...Peyton started school the Thursday before Labor Day. I didn't really anticipate how hard this would be for me. I know it sounds so stupid. I teach at his school and I am literally right around the corner from him. But, it is not that. It is just the realization that my baby boy is growing up. It has literally taken me this long to even be able to write or talk about taking him to school that day. He woke up early and was really excited about starting school. His best friend, who he affectionately calls Grace, is in his class so we had planned to meet up with her for our big entrance. Daniel took the day off work because obviously he knew just how crazy I am and how much I needed his support. I guess the tearing up every time we mentioned school might have given him the clue that this was necessary. Anyway, I was doing pretty well and had gotten dressed and put my best game face on before any of the boys got up. Then, Aunt Rita called to wish Peyton well. Well, that was so sweet and super thoughtful but the tears started and I tried hard not to let her know it. I went back to my make up bag and fixed my face, got Peyton up, and once again, put my game face on. I did really well and he did too. I was SO proud of our big boy!

Daniel and I took him into his class (see below) and he didn't cry or anything. I, on the other hand, needed a nerve pill. I had to remove myself from the room before I caused him to fall apart. How embarrassing was it that the teacher was the only parent who couldn't keep it together and I am the one who is there all day. I felt so bad. But, I just can't believe he is already big enough to start school.
He didn't get to go the second day because he was burning up with the fever. He actually cried because I wouldn't let him go to school...if only that lasted.
I am so proud of my big boy and just how excited he is about school. He has 2 wonderful teachers and just as he should, he thinks they hung the moon. He sings about 5 little Pandas eating bamboo all the time and somehow in 3 days, he has his ABC song down pat even though no matter how many times I corrected his J, K, L, M, N line, he wouldn't change it for me. The things kids do for teachers...
I have included the pictures of the first day below. But, I can't finish this post without sharing what Peyton said as we were reading our Bible story tonight. I had finished and he was "reading" the story back to me. He was going through the Bible and talking about God being strong when he saw a shield and so forth. Then, the he started talking about God making the whole planet and how he "provides" everything we need. Now, I was super impressed with this choice of words because that wasn't in our story tonight. As I was glowing from that, he begins listing things he provides and I have to tell you that number one on his list was, "he provides chicken nuggets." Well, thank God for that!
Take a look below at Peyton's first day...

Peyton with Momma, Daddy, and Nonnie on his first day!

Peyton putting his stuff in his new cubby. How exciting!

Peyton and his teachers