Monday, December 22, 2008

Not just a Nickel...

Friday was a GrEaT day at school, mainly because it was the last day for a couple of weeks. We were busy doing lots of fun Christmas activities that morning. Several of the children had brought gifts but we hadn't discussed them or anything yet. I was busy straightening the classroom and a little boy came up and said Mrs. Grant I have something for you. He handed me a nickel and said I don't have anything else to give you but I want you to have this. I told him how sweet he was and that I didn't need anything for Christmas because I had him and that was present enough. But, he insisted I have this nickel and that child's gift has meant more to me than anything I have gotten or will get this entire season. He probably thought I had lost my mind as tears streamed down my face but he doesn't realize the gift he gave me when he gave me that nickel. Bless his little sweet heart, he didn't have much but what he did have, he gave away. We could all learn a lesson from that. I have shed several tears over this sweet boy and his nickel. I know God called me to do this job and it is things like this that remind me of that calling. I have been praying lately for God to give me the boldness to witness and not be ashamed or worry about what others think. I know I teach in a public school and we aren't supposed to do this sort of thing but God is giving me little opportunities to let my students know about Him. When I sit and think about what many of my students face on a daily basis it makes me feel so guilty for the life I live. I certainly am not wealthy but I am so blessed to have a stable, warm, clean (well, by my standards :), home for my children and we have plenty of clothes and food. I thank God for all of those blessings and I pray God's blessings on my student and his giving heart!

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